Designer, urbanist etc. Director of Melbourne School of Design, the graduate school in the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Previous design leadership roles include Director of Strategic Design at Swedish government’s innovation agency Vinnova in Stockholm, Associate Director at Arup in London and Sydney, CEO of Fabrica in Treviso, Strategic Design Lead at Helsinki Design Lab for the Finnish Innovation Fund SITRA in Helsinki, Executive Director of the UK's Future Cities Catapult, and Head of Interactive Technology and Design for the BBC in London. Visiting Professor at UCL's Institute for Innovation and Public Practice and a founder member of the Council on Urban Initiatives, a joint venture between UN HABITAT, LSE and UCL. Member of Advisory Board for UCL IIPP. Previously, one of the inaugural Design Advocates for the Mayor of London and a Trustee of Participatory City Foundation. Author of the books Dark Matter & Trojan horses: A strategic design playbook (Strelka Press, 2012) and Designing missions (Vinnova, 2022).



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Dan Hill

Designer, urbanist, etc. Director of Melbourne School of Design. Previously, Swedish gov, Arup, UCL IIPP, Fabrica, Helsinki Design Lab, BBC etc