Interesting research, based on studying 26,000 Europeans, indicating that “the effect of bird species richness on life-satisfaction may be of similar magnitude to that of income.” The researchers note:

“An increase in bird species richness by 10% is related to a raise in life-satisfaction approximately 1.53 times more than a similar proportional rise in income”.

Obviously the usual causation and correlation issues apply, particularly with something as slippery (flighty?) as researching the presence, range, and impact of bird species across spatial dimensions. But even if species richness is a proxy, “it may prove that managing for bird diversity is a win-win strategy, with both humans and birds benefitting from management actions that promote a high diversity of natural landscape features.” One-minute city practices are about producing exactly these kind of outcomes: radically increased biodiversity around and by us, in order to further regenerate biodiversity, including us.

Designer, urbanist, etc. Director of Strategic Design at Vinnova, Swedish govt’s innovation agency. Visiting prof UCL Bartlett IIPP + Design Academy Eindhoven

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