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  • Kenta Mori

    Kenta Mori

  • Sam Rye

    Sam Rye

    Connecting with people with purpose; working to make people more comfortable working in complexity, so we can make better decisions that restore our planet.

  • Nick Clegg

    Nick Clegg

    Vice President of Global Affairs, Facebook. Former Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, leader of the Liberal Democrats, member of Parliament.

  • Ove Kenneth Nodland

    Ove Kenneth Nodland

  • Andrew Dubber

    Andrew Dubber

    Director of MTF Labs. Author. Public speaker. Social justice armourer. International man of miscellany.

  • Charles Armstrong

    Charles Armstrong

    Founder & CEO, The Trampery

  • BABLE Community

    BABLE Community

    Our aim is to constantly drive the change for a better urban life. We focus on smart cities, digitalisation and innovation.

  • Tom Beresford

    Tom Beresford

    Public sector change @Innovation_Unit | Climate action @DarkMatter_Labs | Interested in navigating big transitions, equitable systems change & deeper democracy

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