If Apple is seriously considering producing a car, it is further evidence that Silicon Valley is interested only in capitalising on the last century’s ideas, rather than genuinely addressing the challenges of today and tomorrow. Apple has made a success of waiting until a linked bundle of technologies mature before producing their most polished incarnation—but surely this particular product is done. It’s not that the car isn’t useful for many; clearly, after several generations of exclusionary policy, hard-coded into infrastructure, it’s not going anywhere fast. It’s just done, in terms of innovation, and declining, in terms of relevance. As I’ve said before, the car is like the horse—something for the weekend, but not a meaningful mobility technology anymore. (Here’s what to do instead.) Apple deploying their vast resources in this direction will lead only to a waste of focus and potential invention that would be better pointed elsewhere.

Designer, urbanist, etc. Director of Strategic Design at Vinnova, Swedish govt’s innovation agency. Visiting prof UCL Bartlett IIPP + Design Academy Eindhoven

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